Why you should Join CFICA

To enhance your emotional state, take care of overall happiness and put you in better condition to collaborate with and support fellow community members.Achieve more than any one of them could achieve alone!

Helping community

We are here to enrich your life, familiarize you with your community and connect you to the people.


Educate community about culture

We put efforts for the local residents to encourage development that preserves or promotes their culture.


Build community stronger

Our goal is to make our community stronger in a powerful way to build bonds between very different people.


Self care builds community care

Practice of self-care is great. But also take care about the people around you.


Our Team

Jitendra Panchal

Vice President

About Us

Charity We can make a real impact for the greater good not just for ourselves by donating to charity we remind ourselves of our duty to make this world a better place for everyone Community Founded by the community members and for the community we take pride in our mission we support each other and other communities and we proud for doing that We share transparent information with everyone in the community we are well served organized to be do more for community we are committed to a long term vision to support Indian cultures and help others

Upcoming Event

10:00 AM Onwards

Kite Festival

CFICA Present Kite Festival 2022 Read More

07:00 am - 09:00 pm

CFICA Cricket Tournament 2022

CFICA Present Cricket Tournament 2022 Read more

06:00 pm - 12:00pm

Diwali Gala Dinner

CFICA Presents First Annual Diwali "Gala Dinner " Read more


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